Department of Pharmaceutical Toxicology

Tablet with a medicine in a hand of the person.


      Toxicology, as a term, is the combination of the Greek words, “toxicos” and “logos”, meaning arrow poison and science, respectively. Toxicology is a discipline examining the harmful effects of the chemical, biologic and physical agents on biological systems. Toxicology is a multidisciplinary, developing and predictive science which has many subcategories like clinical toxicology, forensic toxicology, environmental toxicology, food toxicology, occupational toxicology, disaster toxicology, phytotoxicology and environmental toxicology.

     “The dose makes the poison” (Paracelsus,1493-1541)


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Büşra DEMİR Pharm. 40002
K. Gizem YILDIZTEKİN Pharm. 40002